How Many More People Need To Care In Order To Completely Change A Life?

A: Just One

La Fundación de Queridos Amigos (The School of Dear Friends)

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Education changes outcomes.

They say “Never underestimate the impact of a dollar invested in education.” In Colombia, the dollar stretches even further.

Think about it. In a country where poverty is high, unemployment is high, and opportunity only a dream, education can mean the difference between scraping by and actually living.

In more developed countries, we can’t comprehend the imbalance between their monthly income and ours. The contrast is just too big.

But if a child can go from a future as a street vendor where she can earn $100/month to a future where she can have a technical job earning $300-400/month, that’s going to make a significant impression. For life.

At La Fundación de Queridos Amigos (The School of Dear Friends), they have around 400 students ranging in age groups from kindergarten to high school.

of the graduates will go on to university.
more will study a technical career.

Imagine if just one more child graduates and goes on.

Thanks to you.