Breaking the poverty cycle with the skills of tomorrow.

Goal: $16,950

When resources are scarce, you make do or do without.

And they have.

But what if they could make more with more? Imagine what better computer access will mean to each child.

Computer skills lead to job skills that in turn breaks the poverty cycle for the next generation. Suddenly, that “escape key” means something new.

They know how to get by with less.

Imagine what they could do with more.

Computer Lab Project

Our funding goal provides 30 functioning desktop computers.

This triples the number of available computers in the lab, which currently has only 10.

Computer skills open the door to career opportunities, helping children break out of generational poverty.

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100% of your donations go directly to support this cause, thanks to our corporate sponsors.

You can help hit delete on poverty for this next generation.

Computer skills turn into job skills. More technological proficiency means more open doors.

Right now in the computer classes, students are crammed in with four students around every computer. The funding goal is to provide 30 desktop computers (up from the 10 functioning computers they currently have). This will allow more students more time to develop skills on the computers.