Sponsor the niños of the Niños de Guatemala school.

Our Goal: 100 beds in 2023

In Guatemala, a child's education is hammered before they even get out of bed.

What can you do to help us give them a decent start?

Many children that attend this school, are sleeping in beds with parents, or worse, they are sleeping on the hard, dirt floor. Think about how well you function without a good night's sleep. Now imagine doing that everyday while trying to learn.

Bunk Bed Project

We work with local carpenters to manufacture easy-to-assemble bunk bed parts for the children.

The beds are then constructed on site by volunteers who go with us on mission trips. Please consider joining us.

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100% of your donations go directly to support this cause, thanks to our corporate sponsors.

Supplies and resources and cares, oh my!

The JustOne Foundation, works with a private school (Ninos de Guatemala), to address the problems that get in the way of their children receiving a good education

The school does its best to provide a quality education for the children that attend. But they need help. They need the basic supplies and resources for the classroom that we take for granted. Please consider donating, in order to help provide the resources that they need. The foundation provides supplies and resources that allow the kids to better learn and play during the school day.