Why did we start with a playground?

Thanks to your donations, our first project was a success. Here's the story.

When we first interviewed Oliva to find out what the children needed for their education, she gave us three options.

We asked her to prioritize them. She shifted her weight and sheepishly looked us in the eyes. “This may sound crazy to you, but the most important thing these children need is a playground.”

Oliva understands children. She knows that play is essential to their development.

“There are no parks here. There is no place in this community for them to play,” she went on to explain. “They don’t even have a soccer ball.”

Here’s what’s interesting. Had we stepped in with our thoughts and ideas we probably would have started with something that “made more sense.” Something “practical.”

And we would have been wrong.

Fortunately, we allowed the priorities to be determined at the local level from someone who knows them best. Oliva.

Studies have shown the physical, emotional, and psychological benefits that come from play.

These children need an outlet. They need to develop gross motor skills and fine motor skills. They need to express creativity and problem solving.

Oliva knew the intangible benefits that would come from a playground. Mental health is important for every child and can be stimulated through play.

Because of generous donations made through the Just One Foundation, a beautiful playground was created.

The children were so excited to have a place to call their own.

While installers removed the cellophane wrap protecting the slide, the children watched excitedly behind the chainlink fence. Oliva arranged for sod to be brought in to give it a real park-like feel.

See it for yourself.

The playground has become a blessing for the entire community.

Thank you for your donations that made this playground possible.

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