Here's What a Place to Sit Means to a Child.

Goal: $12,300

Have you ever felt left out? Like you don’t belong?

Remember being the last one picked and what that did to your self-esteem?

Now imagine being a student in a classroom where there are only fourteen functional desks. Ten more that are severely worn. The remaining six may hurt you to sit in it.

This happens every day at La Fundación de Queridos Amigos (The School of Dear Friends).

Who gets the good chairs?

And who gets the leftovers?

School Desk Project

Meeting our funding goal will provide 300 new desks.

This will allow students to comfortably focus on what’s being taught ahead of them and not on what’s now behind them.

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100% of your donations go directly to support this cause, thanks to our corporate sponsors.

Every child should feel like he or she belongs.

Everyone should have a seat at the table, so to speak.

Your contribution will help make this vision a reality.