A spark of curiosity can light the way to a better world.

Funding Goal: $12,995

Remember when you were a kid and the world was exciting?

There was so much to explore. So much to learn and discover.

Then you found there were systems behind the magic. Biology. Ecology. Geology. And a reliable way of predicting outcomes before you even begin—science.

Science Lab Project

First, we will need to finish building the room itself, complete with a window, a door, flooring, and walls.

Next, your donation will go toward outfitting the lab with equipment: microscopes, gloves, goggles, lab coats, and a sink.

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100% of your donations go directly to support this cause, thanks to our corporate sponsors.

Understanding the world is the first step to changing it.

A real science lab will empower the students to explore the world of science through a hands-on approach.

Together, let’s help them discover what we’ve all observed—the rewards of learning.